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Unhappy at work

Lately I have become very unhappy at work. There is a disconnect between what others like about software, and what I like. Our goals are not aligned. What started making me unhappy was gradual bleeding out of details that have been quite important to the delivery of my work and the vision that has been communicated to me. I'm a believer in working as a team and enabling the whole team so I wrote a lot of this off as "unfamiliar things", trusting that others would have my back if I went along.

Another thing that really bugs me has been

Hey, this thing can do all the things, not just what we need. We should use it.

Firstly, that is not a good thing! The more a piece of software does, the less able to be excellent at doing one thing it is. That is not sometimes true. My statement is a fundamental truth.

What has made me even more unhappy is failing to communicate as well as I know I have with other groups. Maybe I just had more shared understanding with other groups.


  • This is not about me having the best ideas.
  • This is not about me being better.
  • This is about understanding the effects of choices made.
  • This is also a little bit about understanding making choices, and failing to.
N.B. This was originally a part of a larger article I extracted here as it was nothing to do with that article.