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Starting afresh

I am going to try to blog again. I have never been exceptionally good at it, but I have got years of experience reading other blogs, and making attempts at my own online voice, which authentically represents me.

An authentic self

Perhaps I think too much about this. All of the content I author online is written by me, but I get an internal sense when I re-read it, that it does not represent me and is in-fact written by someone I do not enjoy reading, and perhaps dislike.

The problem

I consider myself a concise, effective communicator. This has proven not to be the case with my blogging. In life I can point to numerous examples of where my communication has helped myself, and others. The moment I set out to write a blog, or diary; my thoughts become jumbled mess of all the things I have wanted to communicate.

My goals

  1. To write content I can stomach reading
  2. To write content Others find helpful
  3. To produce things which help future me

I hope this will be enough.