Passion for blogging reignited

Recently I caught up with some web logs of people I know online & offline.

I've have had a passion for reading & being read to from a very young age. I particularly enjoy good storytelling, live-music (not festivals, more campfire); and good company.

Most days, excluding code; I'll spend a great deal of time at a computer reading. One of the subjects I enjoy is technology, but I also like to read about others lifestyles, travels, projects and viewpoints.

Having been on the web for over two and a half decades, I've had lots of web-content to read through. My strong preference is for un-cluttered content, which I define as:

  • A lack of active scripting, or progressive enhanced content
  • A lack of advertising and tracking
  • Rich media, from videos, audio, diagrams, interactivity, art.
  • New ideas, exploration.
  • Well written guides that help me understand why as well as what.

While reading links and comments on Olle blog, going down the rabbit hole as it were, I also came across a new group I find very exciting. The Indie Web. It is a very nice community with many helpful people.

I've admired Mozilla, who seem to be involved with IndieWeb for some time. It has that good feeling about an organisation with lots of resources, that is well established and gives back. I've even been lucky to know a few former and current Mozillians

  • Frankie Gerard Thomas-Hockey
  • Ross Bruniges

As you might expect I'm a fan of both Mozilla & it's people. I'm excited to hear more about this community.