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Know what you want to change

One of the most frustrating things to me as an agent of change and as an agent of delivery are unclear requirements. Perhaps you know internally what you want to change, or perhaps you just know you are in pain and where that pain is coming from. In any case it is essential that you document and clearly lay out what you would like to be different in terms of outcomes.

  • You are pre-revenue
    You need to start capturing or transforming data, to support your story to an investor audience.
  • You have an academic application design
    This is proving costly, so you need to re-orient.
  • You keep running into broad-phase data issues
    Perhaps a singular name field, needs to be extracted to first and last-name.

There are no free lunches. This is a painful process for some. As someone pivotal to delivery it can feel a bit like baptising a mountain lion getting stakeholders to sign-up to a plan forward. Particularly if it puts their vision on a roadmap.

N.B. This was originally a part of a larger article I extracted here as it was nothing to do with that article.