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Keep on keeping on

Lots of people I know are expressing frustration that things are getting on top of them; especially in a climate of health-related drama.

"Doing small things", "Not feeling it", "Worried", "Concerned", "just doing admin tasks in the meantime", experiencing cancelled work and appointments.

The thing is that you shouldn't beat yourself up for doing small things to get some wins. Small movements are what help propel a scrimmage or scrum full of athletes forward. Small things inside you are the reason you're alive!

Spun on it's head, breaking down large [t]asks into smaller ones is part of de-risking big-bang efforts. Delivering iterative value.

Wider than this, it ignores that tiny differences can have a lot of impact. It might be re-writing a template which your hostile inner voice might suggest "Anyone can do", but if it's not done, then I want you to roar back "Nobody has!".

The world doesn't suffer because too many people do small things, it suffers because so many do nothing afraid small isn't good enough.

I Hope everyone in my network and beyond can find the impactful things and be kind to themselves and others.

#StayPositive #StayMotivated and keep on keeping on #ForwardMotion.