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He's not as smart as he thinks

This post is about me being dumb. Well, more about me being human... Okay so already I'm softening the blow.

The thing is that we all feel like this sometimes. What made me feel like an idiot wasn't that I don't have intimate knowledge of the HTML working specification, or the entirity of it's JavaScript DOM counterpart.

Given a mature enough technology, and even most new-fangled shiny things; there are things we won't know unless we authored them.

This is a problem with Dry, technical documents. Not the only one, but one.

It is more that a series of people didn't understand me in a row, and all threw their hats in to suggest things which had absolutely nothing to do with what I was trying to do. It felt almost deliberate, although I'm sure that was not the case. Like people were chewing at my time and effort.

How wonderful to be helpful and to sometimes manage to help.

It can be frustrating to have someone tell you how to archive webpages when you've been doing it for 20-some years, when they are missing some important context you believe you've communicated clearly.

  • I wanted to backup my KanBan boards to HTML
  • I did not want wrote-copies, but distilled, refined, altered ones
  • I had a working prototype of both HTML and FileSystem
  • I'd been working on refinements to the prototype to automate CSS, HTML fixes and file-system structure
  • I then took on micro-formats because I was interested in what it might look like to make the HTML more parseable
  • I then took on some accessibility and document structure, without significantly altering the appearance

Communication continues to be a burden in some groups.

Perhaps it's always been a problem, but it's highlighted more in some groups than others.