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- GopherCon December 2021

This is a short-post summarizing my current watch-through online of GopherCon December 2021 on YouTube.

Index / Timestamps

I left these as a comment on YouTube. I Imagine to combat griefing, they are not showing right now. I will be iterating on the presentation of these going forward.

Day One

Day Two

If anyone would like to PR this, I'd be happy to review, credit. I found one talk I liked, so here is a link to Debugging treasure hunt, by Suzy Mueller. Again, this is not a dig at other talks; this was just one I watched through, and enjoyed.

Day Three

A short note, that I manually made this list clickable links as an iteration. Please post feedback via GitHub issues.


Profiling Datadog

  • Golang 4kb per stack.
  • Heap allocation is ~20% of any golang process.
  • Heap GC can invalidate caches.
  • CPU profiler interrupts program every 100hz.

Go on mainframes

  • First one in 1944 At Harvard (Mark I).
  • 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Mainframes.
  • 90% of credit card transactions on mainframe.
  • 40TB of Ram.
  • Survive 8.0 on Richter scale.
  • Teams need to be prepared, and embrace iteration.

Web Assembley

  • Supports JIT and AOT compilation.
  • Deny by default security sandbox model.
  • Languages with a larger standard library can impact AOT.
  • No longer browser-only.
  • Faster than Lambda.
  • Really interesting take on WASM as an ultimate application-as-a-service, vs FAAS / Container Microservices and Nanoservices.
    Containers still commonly distribute an entire file-system. Wasm is only concerned with a binary.


I have not watched all the talks; my notes are by no means comprehensive or the only take-aways.

It was 3AM after several hours when I finished indexing having watched 4:22:00 of the day 1 conference online.

I am a little bit exhausted right now, so my attention is ebbing and flowing.

That is not a comment on the talks, more on biology and fatigue. Personally I enjoyed Day 1 and Day 3 the most.; but i skipped and scanned through both.