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Facebook Can't HTML

Please Facebook engineering. Try to use the right HTML tags.

Facebook is already a multi-billion dollar per-quarter revenue company, with Facebook profits still in the billions per-quarter!

 title="Tuesday, 5 May 2020 at 10:22" 
 class="_5ptz timestamp livetimestamp" 
 aria-label="about an hour ago">
   <span class="timestampContent" id="js_82x">1 hr</span>

This came up under a 1 hr placeholder on my feed from

There is a HTML tag for this, it's <time>. I began using it after noticing it on Morgan Roderick blog. It's yet another thing I am very grateful to have met and known them for.

It seems to be one of the HTML5 tags I'd missed out on, because it's not cool like canvas tags; which is fine on the individual level.

No one person at Facebook should feel bad they can't write modern HTML.

It's surprising how many developers, both frontend and backend write awful HTML whatever tools you provide them with. You could even put an abbreviation tag within a time tag, with a title if that were your chosen fetish.

I checked, they did not. It's div, span soup for tea tonight.

If anyone is reading this. I wonder what they think of a shorter, punchier format? I'd genuinely like to know.